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Terms and conditions


Should you need to cancel a booking for any reason, we will try to find an alternative trip for you if requested.


Alternatively, deposits  can be returned up to four weeks before your due sailing date..


Final payments are due four weeks in advance of your sailing date.


Final payments are not  refundable but should you need to cancel after making a final payment we will endeavour to find you an alternative trip.



Should COS cancel a trip for any reson before the due sailing date, we will endeavour to offer an alternativr trip.  If an alternative trip cannot be offered then all monies will be refunded.


Should sailing be suspended for any reson after the due sailing date, then this will be seen as part of the unpredictable nature of sailing and no refunds will be forthcoming.



Sailing is subject to the weather and tides and the conditions on the day. Sailing will be suspended if winds of above force 6 are forcast or/and the sea state is rough.

The skippers decision is final on such matters.